kit pesi a vite1

kit pesi a vite1

The essential Longoni cue weight kit get a new dress: from now on it will be delivered in this new fancy box. The kit contains 4 different bolt weights ( 10gr, 20gr, 30gr, 40gr ) and a long hexagonal key to tighten them inside. It's suitable for all Longoni cues for carom, pool and non-adjustable 5 birilli game. It's Longoni, it's original !

Art. 14419
1 x 5 gr - 1 x 10 gr - 1 x 20 gr - 1 x 30 gr
1 key for weight

- Screw them at the end to avoid vibration.
- Avoid exagerate force
- Suitable for Longoni pool and carom cues
- (with screw inside)